Our Policy is simple! Usually we have sales on over-stocked items or discounts we receive from growers and suppliers. We make every effort to have weekly markdowns so stop in to see what items are new and what we are offering!!

V.I.G. - Very Important Gardener

Get Discounts for always shopping with us!  Our repeat customers get up to 25% OFF regularly priced green goods. The 2019 cards are here!

So, if it isn't on sale you can automatically save.  Just join our Very Important Gardener club- all you have to do is sign up, either in person at the retail center or here!







After you submit your name you can get your
VIG discount card the next time you visit us. 

* (If you already are receiving our emails there is no need
to sign up again.)


  • Our next sale will be pre-spring pre-book after December 25th. You can order discounted trees and shrubs all winter and pick them up in the spring. We will be posting the available products here in January 2019. It's a great way to save early for your projects. 

  • And please see our Facebook page for the most current promotions.   




        updated 11/29/19


All sale items excludes services and installations. Discount specials do not include bulk mulch, stones or hardgood items. Sale cannot be combined with any other sale, discount or promotion.