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Double Ground Mulch

Choose plain or colored.  All is hardwood and is double ground.  We sell loads by the "scoop" in your pick up truck or trailer. We offer delivery too. Most standard sized truck beds can haul 2 scoops while short beds and crew cabs can carry one scoop.


Our heaped scoop is approximately one yard and
will cover 100 square feet, spread at 1-2" thick. (For example, one scoop will cover a 10' x 10' area.)

Plain mulch              $40

Red mulch                DISCONTINUED

Black mulch             $45

Brown mulch           $45

Prices subject to change.

Our mulch is stained with natural dyes, not chemically treated. All mulch comes from fresh lumber and we never would sell product that came from decayed or infested tree logs.


Please keep in mind, our scoop is LARGE. We use a front-end loader, not a small skid steer machine. If you are price shopping be sure to compare the size of the scoop. And if you choose plain mulch, remember it tends to fade in the sunshine while colored mulch stays colorful longer.

Delivery can be arranged by phone. We will take your order and payment and schedule your delivery of mulch. The cost of delivery depends on your location. Call to have mulch delivery arranged by phone or come in to see us. We accept all major credit cards and require payment at time of order, you may not pay the driver. We can usually deliver loads within 2 days, sometimes same day. During the peak season, we make most deliveries on Saturdays. We will do all we can to accommodate your time requests for delivery and please keep in mind there is a 2 scoop minimum for delivery.

We load Mulch and Stone and bulk products until 5pm each day.

Black Mulch



Striking against any color home, really makes plants stand out in the landscape.

Red Mulch
This product has been discontinued.



Something different than the brown and black.

Most popular!

Brown Mulch



Brown mulch. Most popular color.

Plain Brown 



No color.  Great for very large beds and projects.

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